RoadTrippers 1.0 – Colourful Notions – Book Review

Colourful Notions - RoadTrippers 1.0 - Mohit Goyal

You should never judge a book by its cover. But you can make an exception with Colourful Notions – RoadTrippers 1.0, a work of Mohit Goyal.

This is first work and frankly it is an awesome debut.

I feel a road trip based writing can end up reading like a travelogue but Mohit has infused in it a string of relationships, emotions, ups and downs, adventures, inner demons, beautifully to make it a wholesome and immersive read.

When I started, I couldn’t stop reading. I finished reading it in one evening. In another sense, I traveled over 10,000 kms in just a few hours.

After reading through a quarter of the book, this is what I wrote:

I am getting immersed in this road trip. I feel I am living it with the trio. From Delhi to Hardwar to Leh to Amritsar, Mount Abu, Kutch, Goa, Kanyakumari, Sundarbans, I felt a part of every location and every adventure.

Eyes turning moist, a smile here and there, the smell of the sumptuous food (only the veg one 😉 though).

I have had one major road trip so far from Mumbai to Rajasthan. I have been thinking of another one. This book is going to ensure that I actually go.

I was elated to know that one of the destinations in the road trip is Alwar, my home town in Rajasthan.

The part that captured me thoroughly was Abhay fighting his own demon, surrendering to it at one point and winning over it at another. Truly a highlight. Every reader would have a deja vu.

My eyes welled up at the part where Abhay finally meets his mother.

Remember reading this book is like listening to classical music. It doesn’t make much of an impact when it starts and it just grows on you.

It is rushed at some places and at some places leaves you wanting for more. The edits could have been better.

Having said that, if you have never been to a road trip and want to sense what is it like… read this work of Mohit Goyal. If you have been on one, get inspired to take your next one.This one has all the material to help you plan a super road trip and do all the masti.

It’s one helluva of a joyride. You want life to be this adventure.

My only wish – that 2.0 happens in my car, Honda Jazz.

Grab the book now.

BTW, I am going to get to Mohit to ask who are the real people who went on this adventure. Also, when is the movie out. I am sure the movie is going to be equally good too.

Once again, Congratulations Mohit! Looking forward to 2.0.

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