The Jazz Begins with a leap of faith

Just Jazz it

It was 7 years ago in 2009, on this day, Oct 31, I took delivery of my Jazz car.

I had recently moved to Mumbai from Delhi in 2008. My work got me here.

I had a thing about cars and wanted to always have my own. And I didn’t have one in Mumbai.

Not to mention the fact that I was in love with the idea of taking myself on long drives. I wanted to have a car that was like me.

The Jazz had just been launched in India, about 6 months ago in May/June 2009. I had been following up on the launch quite closely. As soon as it launched I wanted to buy one, but for some reasons that didn’t happen.

I guess some things happen when they have to.

I went to the showroom on Oct 12 that year and wanted immediate delivery but the loan processing was to take time. So, I fixed the delivery for October 31, a Saturday. I didn’t want to go beyond my birthday month.

By several measures, buying the Jazz was a leap of faith for me.

It was the first big car I was buying. Yes, it falls in the hatchback category but for me it was a big car compared to my previous one, Alto.

It was the most expensive thing I had bought till date. The on road price for the Jazz including insurance and registration was almost Rs. 8.1 lacs.

I stretched myself financially. My previous car loan was still on with an year more to go. (The car was still with my parents in Delhi.)

Between buying a house and buying a car, I chose the latter. Yes, I was told that I was being stupid.  Several people told me to go for a smaller car or even the Swift, which of course is a good car at a reasonable price. But I wanted the Jazz.

Finally the day came. As the delivery guy handed over the keys, I felt a sense of exhilaration. I finally get to drive the car I was a so much in love with.

Just Jazz.

What’s your Jazz story? I would love to know.

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